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What is a No-Fly Zone?

by GoPro on ‎09-30-2019 07:33 PM - edited a month ago
What is a No-Fly Zone?

Where does it apply?
  • Karma 

Drone regulations vary around the world. Most won’t let you fly your drone near sensitive areas. In the U.S., these areas include military bases and Washington, D.C. Your controller automatically looks for sensitive areas and sets up recommended no-fly zones around them. No-fly zones are represented by red zones on the flight map. Karma will not let you fly into or take off within the red zone. Take Karma out of the no-fly zone and try again.

To ensure safe flying, always check official sources and be completely aware of local regulations and flight restrictions before you take off.

User-added image
Built-in No-Fly Zones prevent Karma from flying into restricted areas.

Restricted Flight Zones
As an added safety measure, Karma sets up restricted flight zones around airports. Restricted flight zones are represented by yellow zones on the flight map. In the U.S., restricted flight zones are the area within 5 miles (8 km) of an airport. The area within 1.5 miles (2.4 km) of major airports are no-fly zones. We consider major airports as airports that have class B or class C airspace around them.

You must obtain permission to fly in restricted flight zones. Karma will ask if you have clearance from the local airport and air traffic control to fly in the area. You can take off and fly anywhere within the restricted flight zone if you confirm that you have permission. If you do not have permission, take Karma out of the restricted flight zone and try again.

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You must obtain permission to fly in restricted flight zones.

Pro Tip: Plan ahead. Be sure to check and comply with all local drone flying regulations before take off. When traveling, keep in mind that restrictions at your destination may be very different from your local regulations.

For more helpful information on No Fly Zones based on the FAA Regulations, please check out the B4UFly Smartphone App available for iOS and Android.

Karma supports no-fly zones and restricted flight zones in these countries:
  • United States (No-fly zones and restricted flight zones)
  • Mexico (No-fly zones only)
  • Belgium (Restricted flight zones only)
  • Canada (Restricted flight zones only)
  • France (Restricted flight zones only)
  • Germany (Restricted flight zones only)
  • Italy (Restricted flight zones only)
  • Netherlands (Restricted flight zones only)
  • Portugal (Restricted flight zones only)
  • Spain (Restricted flight zones only)
  • Switzerland (Restricted flight zones only)
  • United Kingdom (Restricted flight zones only)