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What are Karma's Auto Shot Paths

by GoPro ‎10-21-2019 03:37 PM - edited ‎01-28-2021 11:30 PM
What are Karma's Auto Shot Paths?

Where does it apply?
  • Karma

Auto Shot Paths are automatic maneuvers that help you with moves that are difficult to complete manually. There are six shot paths: Follow, Watch, Dronie, Cable Cam, Reveal, and Orbit.  

GoPro: Karma - Auto Shot Paths

A GPS connection is required for Auto Shot Paths. If GPS is lost during an Auto Shot Path, the move is automatically cancelled.
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Follow -  Karma uses GPS to automatically frame and follow your controller.

You can choose one of two Follow Modes, Mimic or Leash, to best match your activity.

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For more information on the Follow Mode, please check out the link below:

What is Karma Follow Auto Shot Path

Watch - Karma automatically frames your controller, rotating and tilting the camera while hovering in place.

The Watch Follow mode uses GPS and your Karma Controller to keep the subject center along the frame.


For more information on the Watch Mode, please check out the link below:

What is Karma Watch Auto Shot Path?

Dronie - Take selfies to the next level by zooming out from your perspective 
With Dronie, the drone points toward the controller, then flies upward and away at a constant rate from your position. During this move, you can roll the Camera Tilt Wheel on the controller to adjust the camera's tilt angle. 
The drone flies to the set distance, then flies back to the starting point. You can always pause or cancel the movement, if needed.

Cable Cam - Set multiple waypoints and fly complex shots 
With Cable Cam, the Karma Drone automatically flies up to 10 waypoints. During setup of this shot, you fly to the first point and mark it, then fly to the second point and mark it.  

You can adjust the velocity, speed, and vertical position of the drone during this maneuver. It will also auto pan and smooth corners for a cinematic look. This Auto Shot Path is continuous and only ends when you cancel it or press the Land button.

Waypoint 1Waypoint 3

REVEAL - Fly straight ahead while tilting the camera up to the horizon 
With Reveal, the drone flies from one point to another. You set the camera tilt at the starting and ending points, so the camera gradually reveals a scene as the move progresses. 
The joysticks are disabled during this path to ensure the smoothest line of flight. 

ORBIT - Fly in a perfect circle while keeping the subject centered in your frame 
With Orbit, the drone flies in a circle around a specific point. To establish the central point, you fly the drone directly over the point of interest and mark it on the touch display. From there, you fly at least 16ft (5m) away from the center point and set the radius distance. 
Once this Auto Shot Path is started, you can rotate the drone 90 degrees in either direction, adjust the altitude, and increase or decrease the circle radius. You can also adjust the overall speed of the drone as well as its direction.

If you start an Auto Shot Path and are using a HERO4 or HERO5/6 camera, the camera automatically switches to video mode and starts recording with the last video settings. If the move is paused or aborted, video recording does not automatically stop.