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The Remote: How to Use

by GoPro ‎12-17-2020 09:23 AM - edited ‎09-16-2021 08:39 AM
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The Remote lets you control your HERO10 Black, HERO9 Black, HERO8 Black, or MAX camera while the camera is out of reach. You can control up to five cameras from a distance of up to 196 feet (under optimal conditions). The Remote is waterproof to 5m (keep in mind Wi-Fi limitations in water). The Remote's battery provides more than 60 hours of life.


Getting started with The Remote

Button Identification
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1. Power Button
2. Status Light
3. Preset Button
4. Status Screen
5. Mode Button
6. Shutter Button
7. USB-C Port
Powering on/off The Remote:
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Power On
Press the Power button

Power Off
Press and hold the Power button for two seconds


Charge The Remote

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  1. Flip open the USB-C port cover.
  2. Insert the included USB-C able into the port.
  3. Connect the other end of the cable to a USB power source.
  4. The red LED at the top of The Remote will indicate that it's charging. When The Remote is fully charged, the red LED will go out and the LCD will show 100% charged.

Pair The Remote

  1. Power off The Remote.
  2. On your camera complete these steps:
    1. Power on the camera.
    2. HERO10/HERO9 Black - Swipe down > Swipe Left > Tap [Connections] >  [Connect Device] > [Remote]
    3. HERO8 Black and MAX - Tap [Preferences] > [Connections] > [Connect Device] > [Remote]
  3. Power on The Remote.
  4. [Pair New] will appear on The Remote's screen. Press the Shutter Button to start pairing.
  5. The camera will indicate successful pairing, followed by an indication on The Remote.
  6. When successfully paired, The Remote LCD displays the camera settings.

Switch between app controls and Remote controls

Your camera can only be connected to one device at a time. This means you can be connected to GoPro Quik or The Remote, but not both simultaneously.


Switching from The Remote to the GoPro Quik:

  1. Power off The Remote.
  2. Open GoPro Quik.
  3. Touch the camera icon.
  4. Select your camera.

Switching from the GoPro Quik to The Remote:

  1. In GoPro Quik tap (Android: X on top-left of screen. iOS: an arrow on top-left of screen) to back out of the camera control screen to the main GoPro Quik screen. Note: If you simply close GoPro Quik, the camera is still connected to the App in the background.
  2. Power on The Remote.
  3. The Remote will search and show you available cameras to connect.
  4. Select the camera you wish to use with The Remote.

Features not available with The Remote

  • QuikCapture.
  • Manual capture of multiple photos while recording video with multiple cameras.

Navigating camera settings via The Remote

  1. Use the Mode Button to rotate between TimeLapse, Video, and Photo modes.
  2. When you have the desired mode selected, you can use the [Preset] Button to change the current Preset.
  3. Use the Mode/Preset Buttons to navigate up and down until you highlight the desired Preset then press the Shutter Button to select that Preset.
Heads up! You cannot alter any Presets via The Remote.

Power the camera OFF/ON via The Remote

  • Press and hold the Mode Button on The Remote and it will turn off the camera.

Access The Remote's settings menu

  1. Short press the Power Button.
  2. Use the Mode Button to cycle through The Remote's settings until your desired setting is highlighted then press the Shutter Button to select.
  3. To exit the settings menu, short press the Power Button.

Add a HiLight Tag to your video

  • While your camera is recording, press the Mode Button to add a HiLight tag to the video.

Change the screen orientation

You can adjust the screen orientation to read right-side up if it's mounted horizontally or upside-down. 

  1. With The Remote on, short press the Power Button.
  2. Use the side buttons to navigate up or down to [Orientation].
  3. Press the Shutter Button to select [Orientation].
  4. Use the side buttons to navigate up or down to highlight the desired orientation.
    • 0 = Upright orientation 
    • 90 = Horizontal orientation with LCD to the right of the Shutter Button
    • 180 = Upside-down orientation
    • 270 = Horizontal orientation with LCD to the left of the Shutter Button
  5. Press the Shutter Button to select the desired orientation.
  6. After you have selected your orientation, short press the Power Button to return to the camera info screen.