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Karma's Return Behavior

by GoPro ‎09-30-2019 05:35 PM - edited ‎01-28-2021 10:03 AM

How to do it?
When you arm the Karma Drone, a home location is recorded. If you press the Land button on the Karma Controller during flight, you can select whether the drone returns to you or to the launch location.  

By default the return altitude height is set to 100ft (30m) but is customizable. If you press the Land button when the drone is below the predefined altitude height, it rotates towards the home location while ascending to the set height. If you press the Land button when the drone is already above the set altitude height, the drone rotates towards the user, but stays at the current altitude and flies back to the home location. 
Returning Location 
After the drone reaches its altitude, it begins to fly toward the launch location. During this return flight, you can use the joysticks to nudge the drone around obstacles. Once the drone reaches the launch location it will hover in place and begins to descend. 
If the drone loses connection to the controller, Karma will hover in place for ten seconds and try to reestablish a connection. Karma will return to the original launch location if a connection is not made in that time. If the drone loses both GPS and a connection to the controller, it will hover for ten seconds and then land in place if a connection cannot be made. 
The maximum speed for the return flight is ten (10) meters per second.  
Once the Karma Drone reaches the landing position, it will begin its descent towards the ground. Based on the altitude, it will automatically slow its descent as it nears the ground for a safe and soft landing. Once the drone lands, the motors will turn OFF and the Karma Controller will show the main menu. 
NOTE: Holding this button down for three seconds will land the drone in place. Also, the Return to Home feature can be cancelled by the user at any time provided there is a link between the drone and controller. 
Geofences are disabled when Karma is returning to you or the launch location.