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How to Check Your Camera's Software Version

by GoPro ‎09-30-2019 06:35 PM - edited ‎01-28-2021 09:54 AM

How to do it?

PRO-TIP: Product updates can be found here.

There are few ways in which you can determine your camera's software version number: 

  • HERO9 Black - Swipe from the top, swipe left, touch Preferences> About > Camera Info
  • GoPro MAX
  • HERO8 Black - Swipe from the top, touch Preferences > About > Camera Info
                       User-added image
  • HERO7 Cameras - Swipe from the top, touch Preferences > About > Camera Info
                       User-added image
  • HERO6 Black / HERO5 Black / HERO (Spring 2018) - Enter Preferences (swipe from top to bottom) > About this GoPro 

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  • Fusion - Located in Settings > Preferences > About. 
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  • Start-Up Screen - The version number will be displayed briefly on the camera's LCD screen upon powering the unit on. *** For HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4, HERO, HERO+, HERO+LCD
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  • HERO Session / HERO4 Session - Cycle through the menu options using the Info/Wireless button. The camera version will appear on the "EXIT" screen.
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  • GoPro App - In the GoPro App, enter SETTINGS (wrench icon), scroll down to CAMERA INFO, and look for the "Version" information. 
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  • Version Text File - To locate this file, follow the steps below:
  1. Reformat your SD card in the camera, by using the delete all/reformat function in the settings menu.  Here are links for how to do that if you're unsure: HERO2HERO3 & HERO3+HERO, HERO+HERO+ LCDHERO4HERO Session / HERO4 Session, HERO5 Session, HERO5 Black, HERO6 Black
  2. After reformatting the card, record a photo or quick video.
  3. Take the SD card and connect it to your computer using an SD adapter to view the contents.
  4. In the MISC folder, you will find a version.txt file.
  5. Open the version.txt file. 
  6. You can compare those version numbers to the current camera software versions listed in this article to see if your camera software is up-to-date or not.
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