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GoPro Quik: Live Preview Never Starts

by GoPro ‎09-30-2019 08:55 PM - edited ‎04-02-2021 02:44 PM
What's the issue?
Camera Live Preview never starts in GoPro Quik. Users get a message stating "PREVIEW STARTING" but Preview never starts. "PREVIEW STARTING" is displayed whether or not the customer is recording.

Where does it apply?
  • GoPro Quik
  • HERO9
  • MAX
  • HERO8
  • HERO7
  • HERO6
  • HERO (2018)
  • HERO5
  • HERO4
  • HERO+
  • HERO3+
  • HERO3
  • HD HERO2
  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices
All Wi-Fi enabled cameras following the HERO3 should be able to achieve playback in GoPro Quik.

How to fix it?
Make sure that your device, camera and app are all updated to the most recent versions. This typically solves any connection issues. Please also be sure that all devices are compatible with each other, as some devices do not support Live Preview. (see chart above)

1. Make sure your camera supports Live Preview while recording

Below are details on when Live Preview while recording is not available: 
  • Using BLE connection
  • HERO9: All resolutions and FPS
  • Night Lapse: All camera models
  • HERO8, MAX, and older: At high resolutions and FPS. Each camera is different. If you need Live Preview, then lower the resolution and/or FPS to find which setting supports Live Preview. 
2.  Make sure that you’re within range.
Ideally, the Wi-Fi icon in your App should show at least two bars to be sure that you’re within range (~30-50ft). If preview does not show up when controlling the camera at a distance, you are too far away or there is network congestion between your phone and camera. If so, you will likely see a choppy preview or no preview at all.

3.  Close / Kill and re-launch the App.
  • iPhone 8 and earlier: double tap the home button and swipe GoPro Quik screen up to quit the app.
  • iPhone X and later: swiping up from the bottom of the display to show all open apps, then swipe up once more on GoPro Quik to close it.
  • Android: Due to the variance of Android devices, please reference this third party tutorial.

4.  Make sure GoPro Quik is up-to-date.   Visit this link for the latest version of GoPro Quik.  

5.  Make sure the camera software is up to date. If your camera is up to date, sometimes doing a manual update can fix issues your camera is having. Click HERE and select your camera to get the update.

6.  Try another device This will help the us understand if there is an issue with the mobile device or possibly the camera.

7.  Test with your device’s Airplane Mode turned ON.
In most cases, Preview doesn’t start when your device’s APN profile prevents GoPro Quik from working properly. This can also be attributed to network inference by surrounding wireless devices. 
  1. To test for this, forget the GoPro Wi-Fi network on your device, turn ON Airplane Mode on your device,
  2. Remove/reinsert the camera’s battery
  3. Power on/off the Wi-Fi BacPac (for HD HERO2 camera).  
  4. Reconnect your device to the GoPro Wi-Fi network.  

Open GoPro Quik. If you can see Preview with Airplane Mode ON, this means that you either need to uninstall your APN profile if you’ve downloaded apps that affect data, like Onavo, Snappli, or APN-Switch – OR – the user is in a location with significant wireless interference which can result in packet loss.

Also be sure to check your carrier’s data plan.  If they don’t allow streaming video, you’ll need to turn ON Airplane mode to view Preview on GoPro Quik. Also turn off any Firewall apps, such as Droid Wall. If this doesn't work, check with your carrier to see if they've disabled video streaming on your device.  We’ve seen this with some prepaid carriers.