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GoPro Quik: How To Create, Edit, And Share Videos

by GoPro ‎09-30-2019 05:36 PM - edited ‎08-20-2021 11:28 AM
What are you trying to do?
Learn how to use the powerful GoPro Quik app to easily create, edit, and share amazing multi-clip videos.

Where does it apply?
  • GoPro Quik
  • Android
  • iOS


    How to do it?

    Select Media

    1. Open GoPro Quik. From the mural home page, open media gallery User-added image in the bottom right corner.

    2. While in the [app] or [phone] tab, touch the select button User-added image in the top right corner.
    • NOTE: If media is stored in your subscription [cloud] tab, then you must download to [app] or [phone] first.

    3. Tap the media you want to use to get started.

    • You can only pull media from one tab, but do not worry, you can add more media to your multi-clip later.
    • Quik lets you know if some of your selected media is not supported (example: 360 media, photo bursts, higher-resolutions that are not yet supported). 

    4. To get started, touch the clapperboard on the bottom of the screen to open the editor User-added image.

    Editor Mode

    Quik automatically creates a video synchronized with music. Follow the steps below to learn how you can customize the edit to your liking.

                                             User-added image

    1. Edit title: To open the editor, tap on the title thumbnail, and then the pencil User-added image. This helps viewers know what memories of yours they are about to watch.  

    2. Sort your media: The media defaults to chronological order, but feel free to shuffle the order of your clips with a long press on the four dots under media you want to move. You can then drag it to left or right to make it earlier or later in your video.  

    3. How to edit specific clip: Similar to editing the title screen, tap the media you want to edit, then press the pencil User-added image in the middle of the thumbnail. Open up one of your pictures or videos and play around with some of the options such as: changing contrast and exposure, adding filters and text, as well as framing and rotating your media.  

    4. Add more media: This is as simple as selecting the  User-added image  symbol next to the thumbnails. This makes it easy to combine media from your GoPro and your phone with ease. If you have media in another album you want to pull in, this is your opportunity.  

    5. Timeline: User-added image  Featured in the screenshot above, the timeline tab is where steps 1-4 are contained. The tabs below have more features to play with.  

    6. Themes:  User-added image  Scroll through and select different themes to give your video the right aesthetic! Click the pencil User-added image in the middle of the theme to further customize it.  

    7. Music:  User-added image  Select from a vast library of GoPro original tracks or other authorized songs. Tap User-added image  on the music track to choose the specific section of the song that plays. Tap the  User-added image  button to add music from your own music library.  

    8. Edit length:  User-added image  This edits the overall length of the multi-clip edit. It will give you suggestions based on what platform you may share this edit on later.
    • If you want to edit the length of a specific video within the edit, go to [Timeline] tab, tap the pencil User-added image on the thumbnail and use the [Trim] function.
    • If you want to edit how long a photo or title screen is shown, go to [Timeline] tab, tap the pencil User-added image on the thumbnail and use the [Duration] function. 

    9. Format:  User-added image  Scroll through various options to find the best format for your video. You'll generally want to think of where this video will be shared to pick the best format, while also taking into consideration in what format the media was shot.

    How To Save

    1. Tap the blue [Save] button in the top right corner User-added image. If the button is not there, tap the preview screen and it will illuminate.
      • The edit is first saved to your app.
      • To save to your phone on iOS: Tap the Share button and select [Save to Photos].
      • To save to your phone on Android: Tap the Share button and select [Save to Phone].
    2. How to continue editing a previously saved edit: While in the [edits] tab, select and open the multi-clip edit you wish to continue editing. Next tap the pencil User-added image button at the bottom of the screen to open the editor.

    How To Share

    Sharing your edit: You worked hard on that piece, let’s show others! While in the [edits] tab, open the multi-clip edit and select the share button. You have the option to share to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Messenger, Airdrop, and more. 

    Send to mural: While in [edits] tab, you can select  User-added image to send your edit to mural.
    • If you edit a multi-clip edit, the version in mural will also update with your changes.
    • For more information on mural, click here.