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GoPro Quik: Unable To View Camera Media

by GoPro on ‎09-30-2019 08:56 PM - edited Wednesday
What's the issue?

GoPro Quik cannot view GoPro Media content from a GoPro camera until at least one picture or video has been taken from GoPro Quik.

Where does it apply?
  • GoPro Quik

How to fix it?

You should be able to view the media on the SD card in your GoPro camera if you are connected to the camera via GoPro Quik. If you are not able to view your media on the camera from the app, typically this would indicate that the files were recorded in a resolution that is too high for your mobile device.

When your camera is connected to your phone or tablet, press the [GoPro Media] button to display the camera's content. This is the button with 9 white squares that will appear when you are controlling the camera using the app and will allow you to view thumbnails of any videos or pictures that are currently stored on the camera's SD card.

If you see either of the messages below, follow the steps attached to alleviate the issue:

Playback Not Supported” - This indicates that the camera recorded a video in too high of a resolution to be played back on a mobile device. For example, files recorded with Protune, or higher resolutions such as 2.7k @ 60fps will not be available for playback on your smartphone or tablet.  Please note that compatibility varies by device and operating system. Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices. To alleviate this issue, please disable Protune and reduce the resolution on your camera.

No Media” - If you do not see any video or photo thumbnails after tapping the GoPro Media button, please take a photo or brief video using the app and then power cycle the camera. Here are some instructions on how to do that:

  1. Please return to the control screen of the App by selecting the [back] button in the top left corner.

  2. Tap the red [record] button to take a photo, and if recording a video tap the record button a second time to finish recording.

  3. To power cycle the camera tap the blue button showing a power symbol that lists the camera name.  Wait a few seconds, then tap the same button on the App to power the camera back on.

  4. After completing these steps, tap the [GoPro Media] button and your videos and photos should be displayed.

If you are still unable to load the media recorded on the SD card, try this procedure:

  1. Please connect the camera to the computer and power it on. The camera should go into USB mode and display a USB and battery symbol on the front LCD screen.
  2. Save all the footage to the hard drive of your computer.

  3. Once your videos and photos have been successfully saved, disconnect the camera from the computer and reconnect to GoPro Quik.

  4. Tap [Connect and Control], then navigate to the settings menu indicated by the icon of a wrench.  Scroll down and select [Delete ALL/ Reformat] to erase all the footage on the SD card.
  5. ​Once the SD card has been reformatted, return to the controls of the camera and take a test photo or video through the App.

​After recording this photo or video, tap the [GoPro Media] button and the new photo or video should be loaded successfully.

  • If you are still experiencing issues, try using a secondary mobile device to help isolate the root cause of the error.

If you are still experiencing an issue, please refer to GoPro Quik: Video Is Choppy During Playback And Editing.