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Groups is a new feature here on the GoPro Support Hub that allows members to create their own sections of the GoPro Support Hub where they can connect with other members who share similar interests.

Groups can focus on anything you want them to - from people who like to use their GoPro cameras while scuba diving, to people who want to focus on 360/VR movie making, to people who live in a particular part of the world - whatever you're interested in as long as it has some link to GoPro.

If you'd like to start a Group, simply click the ?Create Group? button below. Please be sure that a similar Group doesn't already exist first, and please remember that all Groups need to abide by our community standards.

Suggestions? If you spot any bugs or have an idea for how we can make Groups better, please post them in the Support Hub Suggestions section. Thanks!

Group Date Created Members Posts
GoPro Hero5 Owners GoPro Hero5 Owners
Im starting this group for people like me who Own a GoPro Hero5, Please post your favorite tips and tricks and information about the GoPro Hero5 (Please play nice and lets make this thread grow)
‎12-15-2016 08:30 PM 47 82
Omni Owners Omni Owners
Where we help one another trouble shoot and give each other tips
‎03-01-2017 08:40 PM 39 6
GoPro Karma Drone Discussion GoPro Karma Drone Discussion
A place to discuss all things Karma Drone.
‎04-08-2017 04:55 PM 35 56
GoPro Tips & Tricks / Tutorials GoPro Tips & Tricks / Tutorials
This GoPro Group page is for all those GoPro fans that want to share your awesome Tips & Trick Videos, also tutorials to help all the new users with their GoPro.
‎12-19-2016 11:27 AM 26 26
GoPro Metadata Visualization GoPro Metadata Visualization
The Hero5 (and later) cameras include sensors and detailed metadata in most video modes. Let's try to put together ways to work with these data.
‎04-10-2017 01:50 PM 21 62
Karma Flight logs Karma Flight logs
A place to post your flight logs. Please use UAV forecast
‎04-08-2017 04:57 PM 14 22
What Support? What Support?
Group dedicated to talking about the difficulty of getting support from GoPro.
‎06-07-2017 11:07 AM 11 7
Group for car enthusiast, a place to share photos and videos. Discuss mounting ideas and cool/unique camera locations. Tips and tricks etc.
‎12-16-2016 06:12 AM 9 3
GoPro Fusion owners GoPro Fusion owners
Fusion con-fusion the 360's name
‎10-01-2017 06:50 PM 8 2
Gopro hero 6 owners Gopro hero 6 owners
I am going to start this group for people like me who Own or not a GoPro Hero 6.So please post your favorite tips and tricks and information about the GoPro Hero6 (Please play nice and lets make this thread grow)
‎10-01-2017 10:46 AM 8 1
Editing Tips N Tricks Editing Tips N Tricks
Here we can post up Video Or Photo's For either community correction or guidance into the world of colour correction.
‎07-02-2017 04:19 PM 8 25
Submit and Discuss your videos Submit and Discuss your videos
This group is being created with the intention of giving people an opportunity to submit their videos/pictures for group member review, discussion and input. If you would like to get other GoPro user's point of view and suggestions on how to improve your videos, post here. Constructive criticism is encouraged, negative unhelpful comments are not.
‎02-02-2017 04:16 PM 8 6
GoPro Firmware Concepts And Ideas. GoPro Firmware Concepts And Ideas.
The GoPro always has some very cool updates and features. But, just some features people think or would like don't seem to have a place to say, or ask about the updates.
‎12-31-2016 10:17 PM 7 18
Technical support in the UK Technical support in the UK
Problems getting in touch with any GoPro support?
‎07-25-2017 09:12 AM 2 1
‎10-07-2017 04:35 PM 2 51
Technical Support Technical Support
Technical Support for all GoPro camera.
‎11-13-2017 09:29 AM 2 0
YouTube videos YouTube videos
‎10-05-2017 06:42 PM 1 78
‎11-01-2017 03:42 PM 1 27
Other Camera's  Off topic group Yi4K+, 360VR Other Camera's Off topic group Yi4K+, 360VR
This topic was made to talk about other camera's we own like Yi technology Models Yi Lite, Yi4K, Y4k+ Yi 360VR. So if you are curious and like to talk about other products this group may be for you. Any rudeness will simply be X'd A forum is a place to help, support and talk, FISH
4 weeks ago 1 0
GOPRO Lifers GOPRO Lifers
This group will be dedicated to the GOPRO owners of all generations who are dedicated to their cameras of any generation. RULES? Please be respectful!
3 weeks ago 1 0