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Literally appalling customer service - You have lost a good customer GoPro!

So after years of faithful ownership 4 Gopro's later i am officially mortified with the customer service received in the past 4 days. 


Started with my Hero3 black needing an update. 


Website wont give me the update ZIP file so off i call customer services. 

"no problem you just need to buy an SD card reader as the computer isn't picking up your go pro" 

So i buy an SD card reader.... gues what after 3 days of trying to speak with GoPro live chat its still not working. 


Finally get hold of someone at 9am this morning the day before i fly to the North Face Mountain Festival that a manager will escalate and call me back by lunch.... 

4.45pm still no call and been trying live chat since 1pm today! 


Finally get hold of a supervisor to be told, we are aware of the issue and its going to take a couple of days to fix... 


No point in this conversation over 4 days has anyone admitted GO PRO at fault until now...

Now told basically my Hero3 black is useless for my holiday! GREAT thanks GO PRO. 


Good thing i didnt spend that £1400 on a GoPro Karma last week... I think i will go buy a DJI and swap over to a competitor.


I will be letting everyone know that you ignore facebook messages, Twitter messages and after 3 hrs of being told 1st in the queue on live chat being disconnected immediately as its 5pm and your team obviously wanted to go home...