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Re: What program to trim clips keeping metadata

You can check out trassy.pl

Login in with facebook account, go to My Studio/Video.

In upper part check icon pop-up info. Second from left is "Load GoPro movies". Whem loaded, parsed you can watch everythink in interactive way - video, maps, charts.

YouTube presentation:



Then can download GPS data in GPX format for entire mulitfile movie or any selected fragment. It contains Lonf/Lat, speed, altitude, timestamps.

You can download single GPX covering entire selection or alternatively zipped bunch of GPX file per each GoPro mp4 file. Look for the third icon from the left in upper part of the screen - pop-up title "Download GPS data..."


You can also publish your movies (bicylces, motobikes, skiing, etc) in the form you can see on trassy.pl. The availibility of yout trails is elther from the list with filters or from the map.






Watch your locally stored GoPro movies together with maps trails and altitude, speed, GPS signal quality charts: - go to https://trassy.pl - login with Facebook account - in Studio menu select Video, or - goto https://trassy.pl/syncloc Optimized for desktop Chrome browser. Login with your Facebook
Aktualną wersję (dane wprost z video GoPro 5/6/7) można znaleźć tutaj: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny6Zx1Droes Film pokazuję jak utworzyć trasę na trassy.pl, np:. www.trassy.pl/blog/overview/69/13 w przypadku jeżeli mamy filmy mp4 oraz osobno plik z danymi gps w formacie "gpx", na przykład ...