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Re: GoPro GPS not working? - Performance stickers and telemetry FAQ

how is getting a totally inaccurate reading at 18Hz better in some way than getting an accurate reading at 1Hz?

It's not. It's only better when conditions allow for an accurate signal.

"for the price" - a GoPro is expensive!

Not compared to high frequency professional GPS trackers (that also don't include a camera in the package). GPS arguably accounts for a very small portion of the GoPro price.

It is clear to me that there is a critical problem with the accuracy of GoPro GPS on (at least) Hero 9 models.

The first firmware of the H9 recorded an unusable GPS signal ( ). The current one performs just like any other GoPro model: Great in very good conditions, badly in only slightly non-ideal conditions. So I agree there is a problem (come on, you can't record a decent GPS signal when the camera is upside down), but for many use cases where you can optimize the mounting position, wait for a signal, etc., it provides very good results. Many users and organizations are doing professional work with it ( ). However, given how common reliability problems are (sensitivity to conditions), I think it's a good idea to always have a backup GPS track.