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Re: Extracting the metadata in a useful format

It´s very easy to create the kml file (a simple XML based in the gps file extracted with the superb software from stilldavid)then convert into kml, the kml file can be opened from any machine with Google Earth installed.


I dont think that upload to public in google Earth layer because trere are too many markers (more tan 6.000 for a 5 min video), much better to offer the kml file to donnload, in the future I may try to take off some thousands of markers, I guess there are 60 per second of video, wit one marker every 30 seconds woul be fine, it seems easy to do with python on the csv file.


There are many interesting aplications, I live in the border of Chile-Perú and Bolivia, and there are feequent incidents with police or military crossing the line, just now there are one very serious incident with bolivian military who crossed the border, geo referenced video over Google earth would be fine to prove the exact location of people involved, same for police operations and such kind of things