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Re: How to capture GPS tracking on GoPro
All great info given here. Just to add a little advice, download the app UAV forecast. It's an app made for drones utilizing GPS. Obviously you can ignore things like wind speed/gust, but it will also give you estimated satellite lock, cloud cover, and kp index. You want a minimum of 9 est satellite lock, less than 50% cloud cover, and a kp of 4 or less (ideally 1-2).

Even if the camera is showing GPS acquisition, there is also a reliability score that the data gets. If there are not enough satellite locks, high kp, or other factors like cloud cover, large structures (buildings, trees, cliffs, water bodies) that can cause multipath propagation (signals bouncing) then you won't get good data. This will give you inaccurate data or an inability to use the Stickers option in the Quik app.