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Re: How to capture GPS tracking on GoPro

You are allowed to want anything in the world, there's no such things as unrealistic wants.  However your expectations should be firmly grounded in reality.


Here's a video about GPS data, how to get the best results and the best practises.


Turning off your GoPro (letting it auto power off) and powering it back on will result in you having to wait up to 2 - 3 minutes for a GPS lock each time it powers down.  Your best option may be to rig your camera up to an external power bank and just leave it powered on.  However the best practises would be to actually preplan your journey and story board it before shooting.  Plan exactly what you want to shoot, where you want to shoot, what angles you want and where you want GPS data displayed.

In this video I discuss GoPro GPS tips and tricks and show you why you may not be getting proper GPS information on your GoPro Video's.If you have any questi...