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Please explain what CTS is in the extracted data



I've just started using a Hero 9 Black and Telemetry Extractor Premium to review the data. I had assumed that "cts" stood for "camera time code", but if so, it doesn't agree with the number of seconds from the GPS data. For instance in a partial data set I get the folllowing when extracting GPS data at the "auto" sampling rate. I'm expecting 18 Hz.


Looking at the first two rows, I see .405 to .350 seconds between data points. So that's 0.055 seconds which is equal to 1/18 of a seconds and thus 18Hz. The "cts" values for those two rows differ by 1419.090778 - 1363.716222 = 55.374556. So it looks like cts is time in thousandths of a second. Is that correct?


ctsdateGPS (Lat.) [deg]GPS (Long.) [deg]


thanks, Craig