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Rif.: GoPro GPS not working? - Performance stickers and telemetry FAQ
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I totally agree with most of what you say (loyalexper8708). But try adding gauges to a 129 gig motorcycle ride. Even the cool Telemetry Overlay program has a hard time with that. It takes about a week for me to get down to an editable file of 335 gig after using Telemetry Overlay. I have found that if you try and process more than a few files the speed keeps getting farther off. So now I just process each one to add just the speed then once I have them all proscessed with the speed I make one large file in Telemetry Overlay then use Telemetry extractor to combine all of the rest of the data that doesnt seem to mind what ever errors are creeping in. I can then use that GPX file to create the map, distance and elevation gauges. Then I use Corel Video Stidio to edit out the parts that I don't want. What is surprising is how hard it is to take an 8 hour video and get it to less than an hour.

To be chastised by the following member is a little over the top. He may be right but GoPro is still one of the worst companies on the planet, and don't seem to care about anyone that is actually putting hours of data on their cameras. While it might be boring to some, I am always surprised at some of the scenery I missed because I was concentrating on keeping a 900 pound motorcycle on the road.

If it wasnt for Kuna's excelent programs I would have taken my Hero 8 back to Costco a long time ago. 

With phone cameras so good now I don't even know why anyone would use a GoPro for short videos. My phone takes great 8K vidio but I don't have anything to watch it on. It is great for grabbing a picture that is amazingly good. So again I don't uderstand what is even keeping GoPro alive at all. Their last few cameras have all had overheating and lockup problems. They need to take a step back and get their software usable before coming out with the same basic camera year after year with no real improvements.

But what do I know, I only wrote software and built hardware for the Rockwell B1 and then for the F22 flight simulator. GoPro couldn't get a military contract if their lives depended on it.