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Rif.: GoPro GPS not working? - Performance stickers and telemetry FAQ

You seem to imply that an Android or iOS app is sufficient. 

Sufficient for what?  I never made any claims as to what it's sufficient for, so what do you think it's sufficient for?  GoPro know where their customer base lies and that's what they are concentrating on.  Casual users will want to post social media clips and will quickly do so using the app, pro users will user prosoftware packages.


It is not.

It is not for what?  Make complete statements.


A phone or tablet may be good enough for editing a 3 minute video

Yes, I agree with that statement, for a quick 3 minute of less video, use a mobile app if you need to.  Frankly the majority of users stop watching a video around the 15 second mark, so why you would want to make a 3 minute video is beyond me unless you've got some stunning content.


of your kid's birthday cake,

Definitly not stunning content.


but it is a TERRIBLE platform for editing large high-resolution 4K or 5K  videos that can reach 40 GB or more each. 

Yes I totally agree.  Anyone editing such video on their phone or even a tablet needs their head examined.  


If Quik on your phone suits your needs, that's fine. 

I doubt you really believe that as evidenced by your next statement.


But don't snidely suggest that no one else needs anything more capable.

I didn't.  I simply stated the facts.  There was nothing snide about it.  I'm not asking you to like the facts, but they are still the facts.  Nick Woodman even said in the past that the reason they didn't spend more time on video editors is because the market was over saturated with them and it was a waste of time and resources for GoPro to try and compete.  It was also made clear in the latest invester relations talk that the only reason they'd look at the desktop editor ever again is due to the fact that they want it to push their cloud subscription.  Again, just facts.



Quik on Android or iOS is grossly inadequate.

And there was you just stating "If Quik on your phone suits your needs, that's fine".  Which is it?  Just fine or  Grossly inadequate?


GoPro software support is abysmal. 

What software support have you asked for?  Who did you approach?  The software support for the app is actually run by some quite earnest people who put a lot of hard work into creating and improving the app.  It's also quite a small department so for their size vs their workload, I think they are quite great people.  


It is the worst of any tech company with which I have ever dealt. 

I'm sure they are.  


They also acquired Dashware then left it to rot on the vine. 

Actually they purchased the company so they could integrate it's software into their own without violating patents.  Many tech companies all over the world have done this.  GoPro have done nothing new here.


It is shameful that this company doesn't provide even a simple mechanism for merging chapter videos from their flagship products while preserving telemetry data.

there is already software out there that can do this, why would GoPro waste time and money developing software that does the exact same thing?