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Extracting the GPS information and importing it into Google Earth

Well, it took me the whole evening to figure it out, but I finaly found an easy way to extract the GPS data of my Hero5 and transfert to Google Earth!


0. Install the Google Earth Pro desktop app and the excellent RaceRender 3

1. In RaceRender, open your GoPro MP4 file. RaceRender will find the GPS data in it and ask you if you want to import it as well: you sure do.

2. After some more steps, you will see your RaceRender project panel with the MP4 file and a file named yourvideo-RR_Data. That's your telemetry data right there.

3. Right-click on it and select "Export Data" -> "Google Earth .KML (GPS only)". Save your KML file on your disk.

4. Open the KML file in Google Earth and voilà !