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Re: Hero 9 for telemetry

Hi @kajuna , 


First let me say I'm amazed by your product  👏 I was super excited to start testing it with a bunch of clips I recorded with my new Hero9 riding my cafe racer, just to find out the GPS data on the clips is useless, not even one of them is Okeyis... which is quite a bummer. 


Here are some screenshots done with your tool:


Fail 1


First clip, I assume the route is Okeish at that tiny bit in the beegining, but then it goes nuts at the end what makes it useless.



Fail 2.png



Second attemp, This one is completely wrong, there's not even a road there.






Thirdt clip, this one isn't that bad. Actually the entire route looks pretty good just until the end, when again it goes crazy. I'm gonna try to make something usefull with this file.



________ EXTRA


This is the second GoPro Hero 9 I own.  I lost the 1st one right one week after buying it while kitesurfing in Tarifa 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️. It must be somewhere in the atlantic ocean at the moment... However, as I read the entire thread I saw you mentioned there is some cameras that are doing fine with GPS data, then I thought wait a second... let's try with some footage from my 1st Hero9... and boila!! The GPS route is represented very accurately, here is it:



So.. I guess this confirm what you already mentioned, there is some faulty camras and some other doing a decent job. I hope this helps you with your findings.


Do you have any updates on the topic? Do you think it's a good idea to ask GoPro for a replacement camera or wait until they publish a fix or something?


Looking forward to properly test your software with my videos!! Looks awesome!