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Re: Hero 9 for telemetry

I'm watching where this goes - The Hero 9 is my first gopro and I cannot get a decent GPS signal.  Even with it solid white, after a short recording I go to stickers in the app and it shoes the GPS only over the stickers - indicating no GPS was recorder.  I finally got one to show with the camera mounted on an RC car that goes about 20mph - the gps showed 12mph max, and hovered around 2-3 mph for sections I was going at least 15...   clear skys.  I only added the spedometer but I was going back and forth on a gravel road... maybe I should look at the positioning as well to see if it's accurate.


What Windows apps are available to get this data / gauges into a program like Resolve for editing?    I tried Dashware with the same RC car footage, and tried extracting the gps info with the Telemetry extractor... it's loads into Dashware, but the guages do not budge - maybe it doesn't recognize the hero 9 files??   


It's frustrating because as a mountain biker I was looking forward to this feature.. it's not a deal breaker for the camera, but sure is a bummer...