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Re: Hero 9 for telemetry



When I did the test I had the Hero 9 camera mounted on a short hand support. The camera was not held at all in my hands, and was kept upright during the test. One thing that I forgot to mention, is I didn't see the same flickering on and off of the GPS indicator like I did earlier. For this test it stayed a solid white color, but unfortunately the data points are way off. I'm wondering if the Factory Reset that I did prior to this 2nd test did something to stabilize the signal lock. Note, the sky was overcast and not clear.


To address your question about electrical noise I just walked a similar route with my Hero 6 which I happen to have with me. As you can see in the attached graphic, after using your Telemetry Extractor, it did a pretty good darn job of tracking being a 6th generation unit! What's nice about the Hero 6 is the GPS strength/lock indicator is on the main front screen, so I can actually watch it as I'm recording. That's not the case for the Hero 9, where the indicator is located on the Preference screen.


What do you think?