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Re: Hero 9 for telemetry

Thanks for your report @buckaroo60 This looks consistent with my experience (quick GPS lock, very bad GPS data).

Do you recall if you had the mounting fingers open or closed while recording? It's a very wild guess, but the touchscreen problem seems to have correlation with whether the camera is mounted or hand-held, so I was wondering if this could have a similar cause (magnetic disturbances?). Some people are showing good results with their Hero9 GPS data, which suggests the problem is only present in some faulty units (seeing other bad reports in the forum and on Facebook. Considering how niche the use of GPS data is, this seems quite widespread) or it only happens under certain conditions.

@demonviewllc Would be interesting to have a look at your results too, especially that side by side comparison with the 8. Feel free to send them to my email or grab screenshots from the Map View in

GoPro is looking into this. Obviously what we all want to know is if this is a hardware or a firmware problem.