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Re: Hero 9 for telemetry

My Hero 9 GPS peformance is near identical to Irishmanpdx, and very disappointing considering that I have a Hero 8 that has no GPS Issues. I did do a test after doing a manual firmware reload, via the SD card, and doing Factory Reset.  I took the Hero 9 out and just walked a mile without recording, but just watching the GPS indicator. For the entire walk the GPS indicator was solid white, which was really good to see! I than did the same walk with the camera recording.  When I got back to the office I loaded the Hero file and ran Telemetry Extractor on it to analyze the data. While the 1080p 60 video looked just fine, the GPS was all over the place and not useable.

I'm trying to be patient to see what the Gopro support folks determine. I have about two weeks to play with before I have to send it back for a refund if this can't be resolved.