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Re: Hero 9 for telemetry
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Ok. I just went for a drive to test the H9 GPS against the H8. Things are not looking good, at least for my H9 unit. I really hope I got a defective one, or that this is solveable via firmware.


Conditions were pretty bad: overcast and inside a city. I had the cameras mounted on the gas tank of my motorcycle, so I was probably covering some of the satellites with my body. Still, the H8 produced pretty decent results while the 9 is completely unusable. And, even worse, it reports good fix and precision values even when the location is dozens of kilometers away.


Samples with worse than 2D fix or 625 Precision have been filtered out.

Clip one (4k 25P linear hypersmooth boost on both cameras, H9 has horizon levelling on)

Hero8 (some errors but close)


Hero9 (miles away)

Clip 2 (same settings)

Hero8 (good)

Hero9 (just registered the initial location)

Clip 3 (same settings)

Hero8 (good)

Hero9 (at least it's in the same neighborhood. Close but bad. Elevation freaked out)

In some of my tests, the H9 seems to get the first position right and then go nuts. So I thought maybe the processor was unable to process the horizontal levelling, hypersmooth, high resolution and the GPS data on top of that. I decided to use modest settings to give the processor a rest.

Clip 4 (1080 25P Wide Hypersmooth off)

Hero8 (good)

Hero 9 (first and last positions seem ok. The rest is a visit to the ocean)

Clip 5 (same settings)

Hero 8 (good)

Hero9 (good first 100 meters, then nuts)

Clip 6 (same settings)

Hero8 (good)

Hero9 (probably decent first and last positions, the rest is unusable)

I was honestly not expecting the Hero8 to perform this well on such bad conditions. When I do these tests I also record the data with a GPS smartwatch as a benchmark, which tends to get coordinates always right, except on tunnels (props to them, I don't think they use cellular data, just GPS+GLONASS, so the same resources as the GoPro). In this case the Hero8 performed close to the watch, so I have excluded the watch from the analysis. I would have expected some of the glitches present in the H9 (clips 3 and 5), but the trend is very hard to ignore. Either my unit is broken or there is a serious firmware/hardware issue with the Hero9 GPS.

I would appreciate it if someone else shared their experiences, or even their files. You can create screenshots like these with