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Telemetry Camera Orientation Definitions

I am using to extract telemetry data, but I can find no defintions. I appologize if this is a dumb question, I have tried searching.


Ultimately I want to know the orientation of the camera relative to the velocity vector.


The "Camera oriention" has four fields, labeled "CameraOrientation" , "1", "2", "3". If I rotate the camera with me stationairy, through pitch, roll and yaw, I can see 1,2, and 3 going from -1 to 1, which make sense. ...but what are the units?


I thought I needed multiply by 180 to get them in units of degrees. But when I went driving in a car, it showed pitch changing from -30 to 60 degrees, where it should have been in the single digits.


I then though the 1,2,3 was a unit direction vector, but the Norm of the 1,2,3 vector does not equal unity. Are they relative to the gravity vector?


Thanks in advance for any help,

Tim (GoPro Rookie)