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Re: Extracting the metadata in a useful format


I started web app which among others can show GoPro H5 videos and sync maps - the app parses GP mp4 from local storage.

You can:

- open number of mp4 files

- gps data is parsed and presented as "single" set of GPS points on google maps - video and map are in sync, you can change position in both

- there is a chart with GPS precission data - also in sync with a map and video (though at the moment you cannot generate sync events from a chart)

- it is possible to adjust start and end of the movie combined out of individual mp4 files - you can the download corresponding data (at the moment csv only), there is list to guide you how to edit a movie to reflect prepared gps data

- csv contains latitude, longitude, altitude, 3d speed, relative duration timestamps (in seconds) - 1Hz

- it works with Chrome, optimized for large screens

- it is in Polish at the moment - hope you will guess how to use it


The link to the particular page on my site:



There is also cycling vblog where I used the tool: