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Re: Get the shooting frame rate of time lapse MP4 files
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I think you should be able to calculate the timelapse interval using the video duration of the container file and the video stream itself. You can use the MediaInfo app to easily display them. For example, below is the MediaInfo display for a GoPro Fusion timelapse video that was shot using a 0.5 sec interval. The video duration of the container is 54 min 27 sec or 3,267 sec. The video duration of the video stream is 3 min 38 sec or 218 sec. The 218 seconds means that 218 frames were shot, one every 0.5 sec. That equates to 218 x 0.5 = 109 sec. Multiplying this by the video container frame rate of 29.97 fps calculates the video container duration, 109 x 29.97 = 3,266.73 = 3,267 sec. So to calculate the interval where you don't know the timelapse interval you can use the formula:

timelapse interval =         video container duration
                                video stream duration x frame rate

For this example, timelapse interval = 3267/(218x29.97) = 0.5 sec