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Re: Extracting the metadata in a useful format

@kajuna thanks for taking the time to automate the extraction process for everyone. As other have noted, it is also possible to dump the accelerometer data via DashWare (it creates a csv alongside the video file when merging gopro 3.7GB files into one contiguous file). The CSV contains the same headers as the GoPro csv but DashWare isn't able to make use of it. The same goes for your accel and gyro files since there's no template by which DashWare can interpret them. 


My scenario is I've got GPHS5 footage and garmin tcx location data. I'm able to overlay gauges with this data using dashware, but I'd like to add the g-meter as well and back it with data.


Do you know of any way to integrate your accel/gyro data ito a tcx or gpx file?