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Betreff: Extracting the metadata in a useful format

@dzeek Sure, the initial post of this thread covers how I built my setup. I am not a golang developer and had almost no idea what I was doing, so it's very chaotic and probably not the best approach. Also, many thigs have changed since then. My current setup is:



There I have a folder for each of the github accounts I use dependencies from: juanirache, stilldavid, paulmach and so on. Within each of those folders are the repos I depend on, and my own repo.


I currently use the VSCode text editor for other stuff and some of its plugins manages the imports the repo needs automatically. Not sure if that'd be easier to setup than doing it manually from my instructions. I didn't know Github either, back then, so it's pretty embarrassing to read my post now. But I guess that might make it understandable to noobs like I was.

I still use whatever dependencies are listed in my repo, hadn't noticed that one was deprecated.