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Betreff: Extracting the metadata in a useful format
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I'm having a few issues with the online tool.  Sometimes I get error processing file when I try to save it and need to reanalyze.  Sometimes I also can download the .gpx file but its blank.  I did manage to get a couple videos with GPX data but even then, its a much smaller filesize compared to when using GPMD2SCV


I have linked my 2 files below.  GPMD2CSV.GPX (This is the GPX I get using GPMD2SCV (564KB), which of course does not work with Verb edit) and VirbEdit.GPX (This is the GPX I get using the Online Beta tool and selecting VIRBedit (36kb)), for the same video.  Maybe this can help troubleshoot, or perhaps its coded correctly and the online tool is causing the issue? (I had to try several times for some video to even get that 36KB .gpx file.)  Is there a way to use GPMD2CSV offline tool and Save VIRBedit compatible .gpx files?

Thanks for all your effort with this.  Virb Edit is clearly the easiest to use software with gague editing out there (And its free).  If we can use our GoPro footage in verb Edit it will put great shame to GoPro and their inability to create native software that supports GPS gagues (Quik doesnt work with HVEC) and also finally give us an easy way to make videos with gagues. (Its shocking to me that GPS has been a part of GoPros for 4 years now and they still dont have a native solution to thi)