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Re: Exporting still image with GPS coordinates in EXIF
1 second precision is good enough, as long as you can match the GPX track to the video track. Something along these lines can be done I think:

1) Extract a GPX (either from MP4 or misc telemetry files on the GoPro)
2) Check the file creation timestamp in the EXIF of the MP4
3) Mark down the time of extracting the JPGs with 1s precision and hand them over to ffmpeg
4) Check the duration from the start frame to the target frame and add this time difference to the original file creation time from EXIF
5) Grab coordinates from GPX
6) Apply geotag with exiftool.

(Even semi-)Automating this will be a real pain in the ass IMHO. I started by simply comparing a movie EXIF file creation timestamp and GPX exported from here:

There is a big discrepancy in timing, about 10 minutes (and couple of hours but let's say this is due to the timezone). I guess this telemetry extractor is buggy.

Btw snapshotting from VLC player will give you at max your monitor resolution and video stream will be almost always certainly higher so not sure it's a good idea.

Just saw this other topic:

Advertisement video claims to be able to do what I need but on MacOS only:

I got Windows 7 and 10 but software is buggy as hell and can't load a single video with it, let alone export a JPG. Anyone caring to try?