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Re: Exporting still image with GPS coordinates in EXIF

Dashware already exports the data to a CSV, which is found in the project save folder alongside the other saved project files. If and when you grab the correct data profile, and the sync is OK, it then does the overlays and gauges correctly (though not always, in my experience. Hyperlapses seem to vex it, as they vex Quik).


A GPX  (as well as few different CSV) exports of the telemetry can be obtained via GPMD2CSV's batch process. These can also easily be used in dashware with the correct data profile. However,  (again, as I understand it) there's no per-frame GPS data to be obtained by any extraction method, because  (as outlined above) this does not exist. There's video stream. There's telemetry and  GPS data in a separate stream, and these are not mapped to each other frame by frame. Any software mapping overlay is interpolating map position and frame display based on a synchronization routine from a more-or-less known position at a more-or-less known time (either automatic or manual).