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Exporting still image with GPS coordinates in EXIF



I'm about to buy a Hero 7 Black and the only thing that is stopping me is that I spent a whole trying to extract a still image from an MP4 generated by GoPro that contains telemetry data. My discoveries so far:


  1. Dashware can get the GPS track but can't export still images (or at least I'm dumb and I can't see how).
  2. Quik exports images but does not write the GPS tags in the EXIF. From what I read Quik still does not support reading telemetry data.
  3. Premiere - same story.
  4. Tried some other Linux software: avidemux, openshot, blender - no success.

I was wondering - maybe FFMpeg? Cause it certainly sees the metadata track and has the capability to export subsets of tracks (but I'm not sure it can translate this track to EXIF fields):


Stream #0:3(eng): Data: none (gpmd / 0x646D7067), 45 kb/s (default)
creation_time : 2018-08-27T01:28:44.000000Z
handler_name : GoPro MET