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New drag-and-drop tool for extracting GPS data and more
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Hi guys,


I just published a beta version of my new web-app at

There will still be bugs, and I plan on adding many features to it over time.


I knew people were not able to use the GPMD2CSV tool on Mac or Linux, and something more user-friendly was needed too, so after seing the great work @boldbeach40806 had done on his Serious Racing site (shout-out to him! I decided to give it a try.

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or if you have a cool new feature you'd like to see added (can't promise anything).

Also, if you create something cool with this, please share it :).


I created a discount coupon code for the users of this forum group. Leave an interesting comment in this thread if you want me to send you one.