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Re: Getting Dashware to see Hero7 black profile?
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I decided to try an easier test, so I used the simpler csv of gps info from the GPMD2CSV workflow, then made a custom data profile from scratch, and I ran into a lot of problems with dashware. It was happy enough with the data after I made a calculated seconds field. But not much else worked. It couldn't seem to calculate a heading from the latitude and longitude, returning a zero. (It did the same with the correctly-pulled coordinates that it extracted from the same file). The speedometers wouldn't use the speed from the speed column. It couldn't create a map even after I made calculated fields following the directions on the dashware FAQ. Strange. I'm new to it, and I'm no expert, but I don't think I'm that dense.


With it's ability to make a greenscreen gauge track, it would be a really useful tool for editing longer stuff, if we could just get it to work with Hero7Black telemetry.