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Re: Getting Dashware to see Hero7 black profile?

I fixed the cascading node errors (it wanted a few more after the first missing one) and finally got a modified xml data profile to load in dashware for the hero7 black. However, it wasn't properly mapping all required fields in dashware (lacking running time in seconds). After manually mapping that to the first column in the gopro data csv generated by dashware, the data will load, but the speed values are crazy and there's no map. The speed columns seem to be properly mapped to what dashware pulls into the csv (eg my bike values look correct, 5-25 mph) but the gauges in dashware show I am riding 170 mph. Obviously something is a long way off with the column mapping and or mapping from columns to dash instruments. Someone with patience could probably build the hero7 profile from scratch (I'd be surprised if it weren't done already). I may give it a shot later.


Since the Hero7 black is GoPro's flagship camera and they own dashware, it'd be (digs in GoPro thesaurus for proper lingo...) RAD if GoPro provided working telemetry tools for its own product.