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Getting Dashware to see Hero7 black profile?

Since Quik is so limited and janky, I'm trying to get dashware working with my Hero7 files. I thought I understood that this was possible by putting a Hero7 black xml data template/profile into the proper folder to get dashware to use the template to map the columns properly so it could be interpreted for the maps, gauges, etc.


The instructions I've seen on the boards or online in other places usually say to put the hero 7 profile into the c:/programfiles/dashware/datatools/dataprofiles folder, but if I look there, I see few (or zero) profiles. If I open dashware and go to edit data profiles and have it open the data profiles folders (a button in one of those dialogues) I see that it has put all those profiles in a documents folder: user\Documents\DashWare\DataProfiles\


However, I have moved the Hero 7 xml template (and karma, and other) xml template files into this folder and for some reason dashware doesn't add them to the dropdown list of available templates. I'm not sure how to get it to do that. Trying the various "add" buttons in the profile dialogues has only confused me, so it's possibly user error here in my case.


Anyone have an idea of how I'm screwing this up?