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Re: What program to trim clips keeping metadata

You might try Garmin Virb Edit.  It doesn't retain the metadata, but, does export a GPX and .CSV file.  You'll want to manually import a GPX file extracted using kajuna's tool in Virb Edit and later export the trimmed file.


Slightly off topic: I color correct my GoPro video using DaVinci Resolve and later use scripts and FFMPEG to copy all of the metadata from the original GoPro video files to the videos exported from DaVinci Resolve (Resolve strips out the metadata too!).  This allows me to retain both timecode and the GPS metadata for processing and overlays using other programs (I use Garmin Virb Edit for my overlays).  The caveat here is that your exported video files must be the same framerate and length because the data is simply copied from the original files.  I'll make a new post under "GoPro Metadata Visualization" explaining this process.