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Re: Extracting the metadata in a useful format

I appreciate the work being done here.  I didn't know this message board existed, I'll have to spend some time reading and catching up.


A summary of the changes I made to GPMD2CSV:

There are now two batch files:

GPMD2CSV.bat (Processes a single .mp4 file, just drag and drop on the script)

GPMD2CSV Folder Process.bat (processes all .mp4 files in the source directory, just drag and drop a single file on the script)



Drag a file on from any directory and it outputs to a sub directory under that file path (no need to move the files to the same directory as the batch file).

It runs the processes minimized so FFMPEG windows don't pop up during processing.
Displays a "Processing file" message in the main window during file processing along with info on what is being processed.
Can now nest the output directory under another directory (Edit line: Set BatchOutputFolder=).  Default is "GoPro Metadata Extract\"
It doesn't process files if the export directory exists (assumes it's already been processed).  Delete the older directory if you'd like to reprocess.
GPMD2CSV Folder Process.bat:
Drag an MP4 file from any directory onto that file.
It will process ALL MP4 files in that folder and output to the nested directory ("GoPro Metadata Extract\<Source File Name>\")
This batch file calls "GPMD2CSV.bat".  So, edit the line: "Set BatchOutputFolder=GoPro Metadata Extract" to change the default export directory.