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Re: Post your metadata videos here
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I have been trying to use the telemetry data with Virb only because these gauges design seems to fit better, non intrusive, more contemporary, IMHO.


But nothing seems to work.


1. Recording the GPS data simultaneously with my cell phone, using Geo Tracker, a discontinued app only for Android devices. Save the tracks as GPX and applying them with Virb > inconsistencies


2. Extracting the data with the @kajuna flow ( and applying them with Virb> inconsistencies


3. Using GoPro Quik Desktop to aplply the gauges > works beautifully


Apparently, Quik has inner resources to precisely calculate velocity, distance, etc, that we cannot reproduce in others places.


Video examples below of my trip in the Paray colonial city (Rio de Janeiro). You can't drive into the old downtown streets.


Using Quick


Using VIRB