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Invalid GPS coordinates in GPX export from GoPro 6


I am trying to export a GPX track from an MP4 video filmed on GoPro 6.


Somehow I'm getting invalid coordinates. I see several problems which appear on the exported GPX track - but which I don't see on the GPS gauge in Quik.

First problem is that I'm getting completely off-the track coordinates. Here's a example:




The video is filmed in Germany (around 8.663, 50.232). A few first points on the exported GPX track lie north of Canada (-128.4998971, 80.8641778). Also the elevation for these points is exported as 20841.167 (in reality should be around 202).


Quik seem to show this track correctly:




The complete video is ca. 3.4GB so I can't reasonably share it. I also don't know how can I cut it while keeping all the streams including GoPro MET.


The .bin file I've exported from the video:


This is how I've exported it:


ffmpeg -y -i GX030039.MP4 -codec copy -map 0:3:handler_name:" GoPro MET" -f rawvideo  GX030039.bin


The exported GPX track:


Exported using:

gopro2gpx -i GX030039.bin -o GX030039.gpx


I've tried gopro2gpx from:

With the same result.


Invalid points look like:

			<trkpt lat="80.8641778" lon="-128.4998971">
			<trkpt lat="80.8641778" lon="-128.4998971">

First valid point:

			<trkpt lat="50.2319754" lon="8.6630605">


Did anyone experienced similar problems?


Are there any official tools for GPS data export from GoPro?