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Re: Live streaming with multicam

Hey AWJM, 


Just saw your post and I'll be more than happy to help you with your request. I do a lot of live streams on my Facebook/Twitch channel mostly using 1 DSLR câmera, but I'm aways using 2 or more cameras to capture some Vlogs that I do.


Not saying I'm the most expert in here (pretty sure there's other people with more experiece or ideas) but I'll try to "educate" to you with the basics.


Before we start, just want to answer your questions:


  • Using GoPro cameras but with an app that is not official GoPro to get these results

- I use OBS Studio, which is a free broadcast/record studio for begginers and advanced users. It's very easy to use but of course you'll need basic knowledge for it. You can setup as many cameras you want using this software.


  • Having two GoPro cameras but instantly switching between them, because multicam is not possible with GoPro

- The trick behind using GoPros or DSLR cameras is how to capture the image on OBS Studio including microfone and everything else to either broadcast or record your class. Elgato has this amazing product (which I personally love) called CAM LINK. They have both 1080 or 4K (I suggest 1080). You'll need one for each GoPro (if you decide to use 2 GoPros). On my studio I have just 1 for my DSLR camera (main camera) and I use a Logitech G c922 (USB Camera) to get a different angle. This camera is cheap and you don't need to buy 2 CAM LINKS. That will be completely up to you! Also to switch between cameras OBS provides support to Elgato Stream Deck ( amazing tool). This particular tool will help you to switch between scenes, sourcers, cameras, layers, activate/deactivate audio, effects ... It's amazing. 


  • Any other more preferable solutions which perhaps does not involve GoPro at all?

- If you do have 2 GoPro cameras, just buy the CAM LINKS (and the right HDMI cables) and start producing. My suggestion in this case is: OBS STUDIO + 2 GoPros + 2 Cam Links (Mini HDMI to HDMI Cables* Please verify) + Microfone to capture voice/instrument.


BTW very important in here. Before start this hourney just try to download OBS Studio and make sure you computer and eligible to stream/record. Sometimes some devices might not be able for that (to slow or not the right specs).


Please fell free to contact me if you have more questions.