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Live streaming with multicam

Has anyone got experience with live streaming lessons/tutorials with multicam?


My wife is a professional musician and is launching an online teaching/coaching business for teaching her instrument.


She needs to have one camera looking down at her lap (which is where her instrument, the qanun, is going to be) and one looking at her upper body, so she can communicate with her customers.


Is there an all in one solution from GoPro that isn't going to bust my bank account? It doesn't need to be the top range GoPro, but needs to be clear and good quality. We already have microphones, etc.


So, I need two GoPro cameras with streaming capability, a mobile or MacBook app to multistream with two cameras streaming onscreen at once.


If this is not possible, then are the following scenarios an option?:


  • Using GoPro cameras but with an app that is not official GoPro to get these results
  • Having two GoPro cameras but instantly switching between them, because multicam is not possible with GoPro
  • Any other more preferable solutions which perhaps does not involve GoPro at all?

Any help would be really appreciated Smiley Very Happy