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Re: Some Go Pro Must Have Add On
GoPro Bite Mount works better for me than the one featured. The main advantage of the GoPro Bite Mount is it can be inserted into an adhesive mount. This is especially important for not only giving additional angles and POV, but it gives you a place to put the camera when setting up out in the water (much better than having to keep the camera in your mouth or tucked into a wetsuit or pocket where it can get lost).

Never use cheap 3rd party mounts like the GoPole. They are cheap and they break. It might cost you less initially, but in the long run it ends up much more expensive (especially if you end up losing your camera). Best selfie sticks: #1) Fusion Grip (Telescoping and wide tripod) #2) Shorty (super small and portable and converts into tripod #3) El Grande (Super strong and easy to use, most comfortable grip, longest Telescoping extension, adjustable ball head, my personal favorite) #4) The Handler (Quick release mount, comfortable handle, keeps your camera afloat) #5) The 3-Way (Most popular and versatile mount, tripod screw mount)

For a beginner kit:
Choose a stick from the list above
Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount

Chesty and Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount can be purchased together with a handy GoPro travel bag with the Sports Kit https://gopro.com/en/us/shop/mounts/sports-kit/AKTAC-001.html

Additional mounts to consider:
Suction Cup Mount (DO NOT trust 3rd party suction mounts. ONLY use/trust GoPro suction mount)
Bite Mount with Floaty
Surf mount (most study and reliable mount, go for any activity, not just surfing)
Head Strap and Hat clip (Hat clip is my favorite and one of my most used accessory)
Seeker (best backpack to store and travel with your GoPro gear)
Super Suit (great protection for your camera in and out of the water)
Must have:
GoPro dual charger + extra battery

Nice to have:
GoPro Super Charger (fastest, safe charging in any country. Only charger covered by warranty for your camera)
Quick Key (get your media to your mobile device super fast)
Casey (Great case with convenient bag that also converts to a fanny pack)
Extra protective lens (in case yours breaks out gets scratched)