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Hero 7 External mic issue

Hello everyone, 


I have 2 GoPros (5 Black and 7 Black) to run my Vlog, also I bought this Movo VXR10 that was super recommended by the community.


This Mic comes with 3.5mm TRS Output Cable (For DSLR Cameras, Camcorders, Recorders), 3.5mm TRRS Output Cable (For Smartphones, Tablets, and Mac). No matter what both cameras gives me a LOOOOOOOOT of crackling sound recording inside or outside. Quiet or Loud places.


First I tought was the cable adapter so I quickly bought a second one, so now I have 2 Mic Adapter (official goPro products) and both of them are giving me the same results.


I tried every possible setup on the camera (Standard Audio, Standard + etc). I'm browsing solutions on the last 24h and I found a couple informations in here but not sure what to do yet. 


I'd appreciate tips and hints to solve my isssue. 


PS: C'mon GOPRO, anything you guys can do fix that? 

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Re: Hero 7 External mic issue
It's there anyway you can test the mic on another device?