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Re: HERO6 + Karma grip: Tips
Stabilizing while walking is difficult because there is always a slight up and down movement. You can attach the Grip to a pole on wheels (like a selfie stick mounted to a skate board) or just attempt to counter your body movement with steps with how you hold the Grip. Be sure you aren't holding the Grip with the handle vertical, it should be closer to a horizontal position. I see a lot of people holding their stabilizers incorrectly this way.

2.7K Linear is fine but you should turn on Protune for the best quality. You don't need to adjust any settings, although lowering the max ISO and putting sharpness on medium generally looks better. Protune video doesn't need editing unless you change the color profile to Flat. With GoPro color on, it's basically the same as with Protune off but you get higher quality with increased bitrate.