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Re: Map in Karma

I asked this question below in the regular Karma forum and got no response, so I'll try it here:



Has the way maps can be downloaded into the controller changed?  When I first got the Karma I thought you were able to add location  by typing in a city and get the download of that map.  Now the only download I could do was the last known location, which is where I'm currently located.  If I select "Add Location" and I put in a city, I get a message "No location found. Try searching by city, point of interest, or neighborhood."  I've tried several different cities and towns and just get that message.  That message comes up as soon as I put in the first letter and doesn't change.  The download icon in the upper right hand corner also stays grayed out. 


My wifi is connected and signal is strong, so that's not an issue.  Is there something I'm missing?  Do I have to have gps conectivity? Right now it looks like I have to actually be at a general location to download the maps for that location, as last known location is the only option that seems to work.  Everything has been updated to latest firmware.


Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.



I like to have the maps to see where the no fly zones etc. are so I can plan where to fly.  No sense going to a location and finding out it's a restricted area after I've travelled there.  Also as Daniel has pointed out, it will help find the drone in the event you have a fly away.