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Awesome! Great to hear you've had a good experience so far. I love flying Karma and find the ability to switch over to the Grip and grab additional shots really helps make my videos more watchable. It's a great system. It's unfortunate that so many reviews only focus on the drone and not in the whole experience of owning Karma. As far as a drone, the video quality is on par if not better than most drones. Not having props, landing gear, or the sun lines ruining a shot is more important than most people realize.

As far as your trip to Kenya. I have a good friend from there. He's living in the USA now but is going back to visit. I just helped him buy Karma and he was hoping to take it to Kenya to capture his homeland.

Unfortunately, he says that you have to get a permit to bring the drone and fly it. According to him, it's not uncommon for the authorities to take it and getting it back is pretty hard and most likely will require some bribes. Make sure you check the laws and regulations before taking Karma.