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well its taken a long time, firstly waiting for the Karma to be released then waiting to order one in the UK, then been deployed with the british armed forces then recieving my drone a month ago and unfortunately been in a part of the world that doesnt allow drones (for obvious reasons lol) finally getting my drone up in the air the other day , totally worth the wait, have flown other drones before this including DJI (which i am neither a fanboy or a hateboy) the Karma felt solid in the air, responsive, did everything it was supposed to do and landed it without a problem, all i can say is im glad i waited and glad i chose the Karma, by no means is it a perfect drone but as far as i am concerned it is the perfect drone for me, yes its had its bumps along the way ( falling out the sky, battery and GPS issues) but for a first attempt drone all i can say is keep making them and keep making more stuff GoPro :)  not sure but maybe i was the first person to fly a Karma in Oman and i am going to be in Kenya in a few weeks so i will hopefully get to fly it there too, anyone outside the staes got any new places to fly the Karma, am wondering where else they have been flown